Quality Hunting Stud Dogs

Welcome to HuntingStudDogs.com where healthy, nationally recognized stud dogs are available for your next litter breeding.  At HuntingStudDogs.com you are assured to find quality hunting companions.  Our dogs have multiple titles as well as proven results for the common hunting needs. With a broad range of dogs to choose from across many different breeds, the needs of many dam owners can be met.

 Huntingstuddogs.com is a host to dogs with strong credentials.  You will find that our stud dogs have won National and Local Tournaments, they were winners at the US Open, or have received an additional ribbon at an AKC event.     



Our titles are fun to brag about but it is not what we are most proud of.  We take tremendous pride in offering healthy, quality companions to maintain the continuation of quality traits for family and hunting companions.  Each stud dog is thoroughly examined and all of the standard health tests have been conducted for the particular breed.  Too many emotional investments are made when purchasing or breeding a dog to know so little about the breed and the health records.  It is important to maintain a healthy breed to avoid a devastating financial and emotional loss of a dog.  This point must be kept in mind when selecting your next hunting companion.  


Latest News : Danno has achieved the highest AKC Hunt Test level of Master Hunter (MH) now becoming the only dog in history to achieve the BDC National Dog of the Year, the WI Series Dog of the Year, and his AKC Master Hunter!!!!!  Great job Danno!!!!